With Black Friday and its tech-savvy cousin Cyber Monday fast approaching, it pays to be a little prepared! The sheer volume of products on sale, and the mad scramble of seemingly every other person on Earth to beat you to them, quickly leads down the path of anarchy and chaos. However, as with any event, planning and preparation can give you a real edge. Here, then, are a few points to consider in the weeks left before Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us.

These points have been constructed with online shopping in mind, since every online retailer (including us, of course!) slash prices and load up promotional offers to entice you into their corner of cyberspace. With so many sites vying for shoppers’ attention, there simply isn’t time to visit them all. However many of these concepts are transferable to the high street and mall should you choose to venture into the Real World to hunt for bargains among your fellow humans.


  1. Plan your campaign

As with any project, knowing what results you are aiming for is crucial. Of course it may be that you have nothing particular in mind, and simply want to browse for anything that catches your eye. Nothing wrong with that, and if you’re going to stumble on an amazing bargain you never knew you wanted this is a perfect weekend to try your luck! However if you know you need that one thing for someone’s Christmas present, or you’ve been holding off replacing your busted flatscreen TV for months because you know they’ll be on sale, then you need to be prepared. The best offers, whether online or on store shelves, don’t always last. Stake out your prey, lie in wait, and then pounce before anyone else!


  1. Think ahead

Okay, so this sounds very like point number one. Lazy, you’re thinking, at least wait until further into the post to start repeating yourself. This is a truly different exercise however. Think ‘strategic’ rather than ‘tactical.’ The things you’re buying on these few frenetic days will last far longer than the end of the year. We aren’t grocery shopping after all, so have a look at your calendar and diary. Got a big wedding next year that requires a gift? Are you lucky enough to have a bulging social calendar of glamorous engagements? Well those might require new outfits, or jewellery (or designer watches, hint hint), and if the price is low now they’ll happily sit in a drawer or cupboard until you need them in a few months’ time. Why spend more nearer the time when you can write up a list, plan your budget and get everything you need in one fell swoop? Fortune favors the brave!


  1. Prepare the ground

Just as you wouldn’t go looking for a specific shop without knowing where it is, why waste time trawling through search results on the day, knowing that the deals you want are getting clicked into other peoples’ online carts? It takes almost no effort to build a bookmark folder on your web browser and pack it with all the things you like the look of. Even if there’s no guarantee yet that they’ll be on sale, there’s no harm in taking five seconds to check on the day! You can even prepare different folders for particular sites, types of products, or events you need to buy for, then do a quick comparison of deals on the day. So much easier than elbowing your way through throngs of people!


  1. Be ruthless on the day

If you’re serious about getting a certain product, scouring a particular site (or shop) for deals, or spending the hell out of that rainy-day fund, then your execution needs to be flawless. It’s no good dreaming of that perfect item you saw online or in the shop window, only to discover at 6pm that it sold out hours ago and you’ve missed your chance. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the designer dress, new laptop or luxury watch. Other people won’t wait until late morning to get going and neither should you. A bit of laziness and inertia could cost a lot if the things you want to buy fly off the shelves before you’re ready!


  1. Enjoy it!

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a great chance to get some serious shopping done, it’s also a chance to really enjoy what so many sites and shops have to offer. Things you’d normally pass on because it’s just not sensible ‘right now’ are suddenly far more affordable, so have a blast! You can put them away for Christmas if you want, or just have a treat to see you through the bleak midwinter. It’s also a great chance to surprise someone with a great gift without breaking the bank. Did she make a comment about a gorgeous necklace in a shop window weeks ago? Maybe he tried on a really nice jacket in a store but decided to be sensible and left it there, when you know he wanted it? Now’s your chance to really make their day!


Of course we will have loads of great deals for the weekend right here, and we’ll be updating our social media channels and email subscribers with some of the bargains we’ll be offering. If you’re not already signed up to our newsletter you can do it now right below this post, and you’ll even get a code for 10% off your first purchase. Whether you choose to wait until Black Friday to use it is entirely up to you! Who doesn’t love a great designer watch at fantastic prices after all?


Hope to see you back on Black Friday!


In the meantime, why not get inspired with a few of our most popular models? With the range of brands and items we stock, there’s something for everyone if you look hard enough! To get you started we’ve picked out a few of our favorites for you to check out first.


Happy hunting!




A beautiful ladies’ watch from Daniel Wellington, featuring from an attractive rose gold-tone stainless steel case with a blue, red and white nylon strap. The eggshell white dial is accompanied by rose-gold toned hands, and also features a scratch resistant mineral crystal lens and is powered with a Japanese-quartz movement.



A stunning ladies’ watch from Cluse. This La Bohème model features a 38mm diameter rose gold-tone case, which houses a minimalist black dial. It’s stainless steel case is combined with a sleek black genuine leather strap and has been detailed with a rose gold-tone clasp. The watch has been fitted with a reliable quartz movement.



A stunning ladies' Michael Kors watch in PVD rose plating, with a sparkling stone set bezel, mother of pearl dial and beautifully stone-set hour markers. This watch also features a date function, chronograph and the bracelet fastens with a push-button clasp. The watch is powered by a quality Japanese quartz movement.




A classically stylish watch for men from Hugo Boss. This series watch has a stainless steel case and attractive black leather strap. It features a white dial with luminous silver-tone hands and hour markers and three useful sub-dials. It has also been fitted with a scratch resistant mineral crystal lens, water resistance rating of 5 ATM and is powered with a reliable chronograph quartz movement.




The prolific Pro Diver collection from Invicta offers smooth and stylish watches for the gentleman in need of an everyday, versatile accessory that can complement any wardrobe for any situation. This sleek stainless steel and black silicone design is no different with its rich color scheme complemented by a sporty blue chronograph dial and bezel. Modest in size with a 48 mm diameter, this handsome watch is perfect with a blazer and jeans for casual Friday or a polo and shorts for the weekend. Water resistant to 10 ATM.

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